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THAT WASN'T CHRIS BROWN. DAMN MEDIA! They are now trying to say its DJ Khaled! NO! Does this dude in this car look like DJ Khaled? OK, well, he favors Khaled, but dude reportedly screams, "We da wooooorrrrst." The media even said of dude, "this is not a person of significance." UHM. FAIL. I hope he lives to get his mind right, because LAPD does not play.

Chris Brown reportedly started a low speed car chase with the LAPD in LA about 8 pm PST. The chase has continued for the last three hours. It looks like Chris Brown is in a white Bentley and he is surrounded by paparazzi, the cops and bystanders. They are saying that he has a gun and they are fearful that he is going to harm himself or others.

Chris or whoever this person is has taken the cops on a chase through the city streets, side streets and other places. According to local news, the suspect was recently involved with a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Apparently, the girlfriend has been in contact with the “suspect,” who they think is Chris Brown.

The cops think he is a danger to himself and a danger to others.

Some people have speculated that the paparazzi has exacerbated the situation like they did with Princess Diana. The media is reporting that it is indeed Chris Brown, but they haven’t been able to give anything definitive.

Now, the press is also stating that Brown departed for Las Vegas and isn’t in the vicinity. However, people THERE are saying they thing it is Chris Brown.

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