Unheard Kendrick Lamar Songs Hit The Internets!

Bad Kid Chill City is here to brighten your weekend just a bit more.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just as Kanye West drops a new project, to the disdain of many, eight new Kendrick Lamar songs hit the internet.

The collection of songs are being called the "Bad Kid Chill City" EP.

How or why the songs have been released is not clear, but the internet is raving over the songs. Some have even said its a return to a younger, purer Kendrick Lamar. The songs seem to be missing some verse, most notably Drake. Others feature hyper-lyrical outings by people like Busta Rhymes and singing courtesy of SZA.

There is also an early instrumental version of "Swimming Pools," one of Kendrick's first true hit records.

Check out the "EP" details below.