Update: Cardi B And Offset Back Together Again!

Cardi and Offset looked like they were getting married...but something happened.

(UPDATE) Looks like Cardi B went off on Offset and then the situation has been mended. They are back together! They broke up and got back together in the fastest ways under the sun. Social media jumped on it and I was late jumping on it. And I figured gangsters do gangstery things - like stay broke! But she apologized after referring to herself as “single.”

It is pretty amazing what passes as news these days. :/

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is HOPE! People like myself that lust for Cardi B have HOPE! Cardi B and Offset of The Migos have broken up. They were all set to be married, but that is (((SADLY))) no longer the case. I am disappointed but I am not shocked. Offset and Cardi are OFF.

Can't stand the way she speaks with her over-extra NY accent, I I've lived in NY,CT, got fam in NJ, etc. Like she wants to be hard so bad, not everyone in NY is hard, nor ATL.... SMH..

wha? she sound like a New Yorker to me...

name dropping states you jopped thru and talking about who is hard and isnt...foh...🤣😂