Vic Mensa Disses XXXTentacion At BET Cypher During Awards!

XXXTentacion got honored at the Hip-Hop Awards, but some said he also got dissed.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well this ain't no rumor and when, when it goes wide on Oct. 16, Vic Mensa may be a wanted man! In death, XXXTentacion has risen to legendary levels. But that didn't stop Vic from going and shading the now-deceased rapper. The 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher is always a big moment at the show, but you don't expect people to get dissed. Well, that is XXXactly what happened.

Now, I admit I got a text message telling me what happened when it happened on Saturday, but there were actual lyrics attached. It all happened so fast, I was told. Luckily, DJ Scheme got it. Of Vic Mensa's lyrics, he said on Twitter, “Yo bro how u gone say ‘Your favorite rapper is an abuser’ and then follow it with a line saying ‘some sh#t X some sh#t so I won’t live long’ u can deny it but everyone who was there heard that shit." In all honestly, and this is not to excuse the lyrics, but I think Vic had good intentions. Scheme didn't really get the lyrics either, he just heard the diss. There was some commentary on the state of the game today so in all honestly, he was LIKELY dissing toxic rappers in general, but the poetic license made it a diss.

Now, X’s family jumped on stage because the rapper was honored with the Best New Rapper Award. That was supposedly a beautiful moment. Mensa may want to be easy on dissing rappers that have died, especially the ways that XXX passed.

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