VIDEO: Bow Wow Shows Off Scars Of Alleged Abuse And Pre-Fight Vid Emerges


A new video shows a very different picture of Bow Wow and his fight with his girlfriend.

UPDATE: Bow Wow has been running around TMZ showing off his battle scars.Asking for a friend: is this snitching?

He allegedly got bit marks and other scritch scratches too. Look at the whole MONTY on TMZ.

(AllHipHop Rumor) There was a lot of talk and speculation about Bow Wow and whether or not he was an abused man. When the mugshots came out, he looked like he got into a fight with a tiger! But, it was his girlfriend and she allegedly busted him in the head with a lamp that left slash marks on his face. Immediately, the memes start and the chatter begins that she was the aggressor.

However, a new video paints a different picture.

On the West Coast, I think they call this mad dogging. Back in the day, they called it selling wolf tickets. Anyway, in this video which is in the complex right before the actual fight, he shows Bow Weezy getting all in the face of his girl like he wants to do something. Only time that really REALLLLLY happens is when you want smoke. Or when you know you can't be beat up. Anyway, this video is is prior to the fight.

I suppose there will more distractions, I mean, footage coming up.

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He already flushed it down the toilet years ago, this just put an end to bow wow, always going downward


In Cali that grab alone will get you time boy