[VIDEO] Cardi B Says The Music Game Is Grimier Than The Streets


Cardi B is growing up before our eyes and she's getting hip to the evils of the music game.

Cardi B Says The Music Game Is Grimier Than The Streets

(AllHipHop Rumors) This might be a case of “Where is the news?” But lets give Cardi a bit of a break. Lil Mama has been in the game less than 2 years. She did her 1-2 in the streets and rose to fame in reality TV. She THEN took the music game by storm. I really cannot conceptualize the levels she has risen to, but she has done it like no other. Seriously NO OTHER. People don’t really get it.

So, its not shocker that we get to see her experience in near real-time. She’s seeing the demons of the game. And, no matter what you think of her, she’s got a genuine spirit and keeps it a STACK. This video is some IG or something and she’s just being Cardi, but commenting on the game of music.