VIDEO: Footage of A-Boogie’s Crew Beating Up Lil B

Lil B took a beating by A-Boogie and company. Check out the video right here and you judge.

(AllHipHop Rumors) People get jumped and beat on everyday. But the BaseGod? Come on, people!?! Lil B is that dude. He went to an event like 1-deep and got jumped by like 10 people. Now, I saw the footage of him hitting the stage and he looked pretty good, as in not beat up too badly. But, looking at the footage, it seems like he took some heavy blows. I heard Lil B said some little stuff about A-Boogie sounding like Dej Loaf. Bruh. Cats issuing beatdowns for that little stuff? I mean come on. When will it end? This is beyond childish.

I hope this was worth it.

HE WENT AND DID AN INTERVIEW AFTER? Stomping somebody out...you don't hit the stage, you don't do interviews moments after and you should not even be coherent or awake. Unless you are BasedGod...

Man dem weak as hits he got jumped by a bunch tight jeans wearing trannies


Dem niggas jumped this man? Who still jumps people? When was that ever cool? Why did they take off running after he got up? Why A boogie didn't just square up with him? This is beyond weak!


Lol b had sex with a boogie how


so y'all gon act like a boogie wasn't on the ground and his boys had to pull him up ..??