VIDEO: Katt Williams Spazzes Out On Kevin Hart And Kanye West!

Katt Williams continues to show why he's unbossed and unbought!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Katt Williams is not very active on IG, but suddenly he popped up and is active! But, the one that got Katt snappin' was none other than his nemesis Kevin Hart! I ain't a huge fan of Kevin Hart, but he seems relatively harmless to me. He also seems like a pretty nice guy that is just doing his thing in the game. Now, there may be an other side that I cannot see, but that would be about it. Katt just started dumping on his "son" and didn't let up! Remember these dudes have been going at it for YEARS.

"I don't mind a million dollars a month AND keeping my soul" 💯

Katt has been beat up, had a gun flashed on him. I hope he stays healthy and alive. And KH...just whistle while you work.