VIDEO: Tekashi69 Has Bottles And Guns Fired At Recent Show!


Tekashi is blowing up fast, but why did people throw bottles at fire guns in MN?

(AllHipHop Rumors) People say that hate that boy Tekashi69, but somebody keeps pumping his stuff out there. Oh wait - that would be Akadmiks. I still never heard that boy DJ yet. Neverthless, Tekashi69 stays in the headlines. Yesterday, he was pelted with bottles from people out in Minnesota, and basically gave "make it rain" a new definition. I can't believe this level of disrespect exists. When you see the video, you can feel the deep hatred they have for the Tekashi! It seems like this was pre-planned and that there is more to this than meets the eye. First of all, the New York rapper with the rainbow hair looks very shaken up. There are also bottle fragments on the floor when the SECOND (or third) round of bottles are launched from a balcony. Finally, somebody tries to "return fire" unsuccessfully.

Other reports say gunfire came out as well, but I got some bad info. That happened but it was another show date.

He explains:

There is NO Venue, Promoter or Insurance Company that is gonna deal with this GIANT LIABILITY! #ToucanSamTheSham

That shit was 2 different nights! the gun incident was in St.Paul and 69 tried to play with the wrong peoples money and ran to the car and wouldn't get out those are his security guys getting rushed, he then took to media trying to flex and they checked his ass again the next night at Prive' in mpls ! Fabulous got caught in the middle of the shit @ prive.

OOPS!!!! my bad!