(VIDEO) Why Did Biggie Dislike Craig Mack?

So, back in the day, Biggie Smalls and Craig Mack were the two super stars of Puffy Combs new label, Bad Boy Records.

Images source: Tumblr.

They even had ill promo items like “the Big Mack.” However, on the low, Biggie didn’t really care for Craig Mack. Remember when he said, “I got more Mack than Craig”? That was an indication of it all. Peep the video:

It has never been revealed WHY B.I.G. disliked Mack so much. I’m thinking its because he thought Mack was just corny or something. I don’t know, because Craig was pretty dope on that first album.

You peep Lil Cease? LOL!

It was all good 20 years ago.lbEM