Video: Wild N' Out's Hitman Holla Beats The Brakes Off A Dude

Hitman Holla wilds out on somebody that comes too close to his young son.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hitman Holla is a real hitman! Ya'll know Hitman Holla from Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out, but if you know a bit more you know he's a real aggressive battle rap dude. And then there are those hands. Some dude was coming too close to his son in a barbershop and Hitman didn't like it very much. Then the dude got into his personal space and Hitman did what he had to do before son got the drop on him. He struck the man. Man fell. But after he fell, people are saying something about the whole situation. They are saying dude was likely drunk or high on something. At first, I just thought dude was drunk off that KO, but I can see how somebody would see he was inebriated. Take a look and you be the judge.

Here is where Hitman admits dude was walking weird.

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