VIDEO: Yung Joc Totally Explains Wearing Blue Dress


Yung Joc has something going on that is so Yung Joc that he wore a dress out in the street.

“I had to man up and put on a dress.” - Yung Joc.

(AllHipHop Rumors) What in tarnation is wrong with y’all? As you likely know, Yung Joc was spotted wearing a straight up long, blue dress. Now, the Atlanta rapper-turned-reality star is “explaining.” He establishes in the video that he didn’t sell his soul. This likely means he did. Real talk, I heard another “Love and Hip-Hop” person that has admitted to selling their soul. That’s another story. So, while Joc may or may not have sold his soul to the biggest media conglomerate, at least we see clearly what is going on with these dudes out there. Sad. Anyway, peep what he is saying about why he put on that dang dress. AAAAAAAAND, no Joc…a shield and sword would not make you like 300. Money. Don't. Make. You. A. Man.

The roasting was relentless.

“I just want you guys to know there are some real ni99as left.” - 21 Savage

You know its crazy when 21 Savage is issuing apologies on behalf of the whole city. LOL!

If you look, you can see that he’s taping some kind of video for TV. Another beelzebub trick. Boy, I’ll tell ya.

What was going down in the trap back in the day?

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He is gayyy, what wrong with ATL dudes? Fruit City, USA....