Vince Staples Doesn't Want You To Talk To Him About The Grammys


Vince wants you to miss him with the Grammys talk!

(AllHipHop Rumors) As fans have been debating Grammy snubs since yesterday morning, rapper Vince Staples doesn't want you to talk to him about the topic.

Vince Staples' fans feel like he was snubbed, but he feels quite apathetic and indifferent.

Although Staple's 'Big Fish Theory' was snubbed this year, he doesn't want to spend an ounce of time arguing about or caring about any trophies.

In a number of since deleted tweets, Staples let his fans know that he doesn't GAF about the Grammy Awards. He even quoted lyrics from his verse on Domo Genesis and Alchemist's "Elimination Chamber" track from 2012.

"Don't talk to me about the grammys. We are entirely too sensitive about trophies. Yall should've played football. N-ggas want Grammys and sh-t. That's funny to me. - Vince Staples 2012,' tweeted Vince.

He went on to add,

"Mark Anthony Green from GQ just called to apologized for me not getting nominated & I just realized you people really care about this. I apologize if I hurt anyones feelings with my disregard for the trophy. Im in Glasgow & The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on television. Goodnight."

Vince did make it clear that the tweets would be deleted due to aesthetic purposes though.

Earlier this month he expressed that he doesn't need an award to tell him that he's better than someone else. He believes that "better" is subjective. He's more into differentiation and diversity.

I feel where Vince is coming from!

What are your thoughts?

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