Wack 100 Apologizes For The First Time...Or Does He?

Did one of the most menacing leaders on the West Coast just say sorry? Read up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am going to admit something. I got mad at Wack 100 recently. Now, I know nobody cares what I think and certainly not Wack 100. Why would he? Who cares! Nobody! But, in the month or so since the death of Nipsey Hussle, the whole "nation" of Hip-Hop and beyond has been in a great space. We have been loving ourselves, being at peace and talking about how we are going to continue this marathon! Right?

However, more recently the manager and "new Suge Knight" Wack 100 has kept it 100 with his hate of E-40, a legend in rap. Now, to this day, we don't really know what this situation is about, but it seems to be related to money. At any rate, it seems like Wack had a change of heart. Check the video below.

Did you see it?

YO! I was like, "Wow...that's really big of Wack 100! He's going to apologize to E-40!" NOPE! I don't know what its like to be out there in Los Angeles and Cali, because I have never been. But, I have to say, that gang stuff and that friction are real. I remember that beef with 40 Water and Biggie! REAL! Who remembers that? Also, Wack 100 made TREACH say sorry publicly and on the GRAM. WHAT? Unheard of! At the end of the day, that Cali beef is a bit different than any other place on Earth. I just wish we could use that beef against the true enemy, which ain't got nothing to do with no rappers. Pardon my extensive Ebonics, but you get what I am saying. Just read these words?

"Let me tell you what a hoe ni99a do. You tell him, ‘Ni99a, fk you! You b!tch ass ni99a, I don’t fk with you."

Now, imagine Wack saying that to the enemy of his gang or whatever. It would be a different kind of beef and conversation. E-40 took a more tactical, domesticated approach.

"When bitten by a snake you must first extract the poison, then you get away from it get rid of the snake," 40 said "He was once a loyal friend...I chose to get away from the snake. But let it be known another bite won’t be tolerated."

These guys are leaders. I hope it works out.

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Awwwwww Man 🤦🏾‍♂️


Wack apologie


Sometimes we gotta admit to our wrong doings.. He just did..