Wack 100 Calls 50 Cent Out For Disrespecting Gang Politics With Soulja Boy & Chris Brown!


The Game’s manager, Wack 100, believes everyone needs to pump their brakes on this Chris Brown & Soulja Boy fight. Wack 100 certainly has some words for his artist’s former boss 50 Cent! Wack took to Instagram to inform 50 Cent that this fight won’t be happening until the gang politics are in order

By ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Basically he says this fight won’t be going down without his blessing.

“That fight only gone happen if we say it’s gone happen. Let’s all respect the politics. I got paperwork already. Them n-ggas is Piru’s and the thought that you a real street n-gga would overlook those politics and not extend the proper respect is out of order. #LetsFigureItOut,” posted Wack.

All weekend 50 Cent has said the fight must go one despite him claiming that Soulja Boy allegedly got robbed for his chain in LA. While Soulja Boy claims he never got robbed for his chain, he certainly didn’t go live immediately to prove it like 50 Cent dared him to do.

It looks like Wack 100 and 50 Cent may get added to the fight card the way things are going lol.