Wack 100 Says He’ll “Never Fold” After Nipsey Hussle Comments

Simone Grant

Wack 100 and T.I. have been going at it over comments made by Wack about Nipsey Hussle.

Blueface’s manager, Wack 100 might have dug himself in a joke following the comments he made about the late Nipsey Hussle. According to Wack, he feels Nipsey was not a legend. Ouch. I know a lot of LA natives weren’t here for that comment; neither was T.I. and Meek Mill.

T.I. posted the definition of a legend and wrote that it had Nipsey’s name all over it.

Wack wasn’t here for T.I.’s opinion and quickly responded with an old video of the rapper in a news clip for Atlanta Crimestoppers. 

T.I. responded posting a cartoon that says, “people on Twitter vs people in real life.” The cartoon shows how people on social media respect music artists in real life versus how they act behind a screen.

 Wack came back posting an old story about T.I. testifying in a murder trial against his “best and oldest friend.”

Wack also posted that he will never fold no matter what the odds are. 

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First off, FIX THIS DAMN ARTICLE!!! He didn't testify against "his Bestfriend", his best friend died behind that incident and his testimony was regarding the death of his friend, not even the particulars of led up to tat incident! And secondly, if niggaz was really real, WACK and a few other niggaz would have a bullet in they head and strung up on the powerlines in their local cities!!!!


If he snitched, who did he snitch on? Who is this unnamed person that he ratted out?

.....How is stating under subpoena that you saw your friend get killed by bullets meant for you "snitching"?