Wack 100 Wants Smoke With Joe Budden, Sides With Lil Yachty


Wack 100 wasn't feeling Joe Budden's diss of the f-ckity inspirational and motivational LA men.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wack 100 has made it very clear that he didn't care for Joe Budden in the past as he wasn't feeling Joe going in on Lil Yachty.

Now we know Joe Budden could care less who doesn't like him, but we have to acknowledge the fact that Wack is upset with Joe Budden again.

Wack 100 particularly took issue with the fact that Joe Budden called out "LA n-ggas" for making wack a-s inspirational videos.

I personally wouldn't have expected it to ruffle any feathers period, and if it did, I'd expect it to upset only those making the "trash a-ss" videos. I rock with Joe, but I couldn't fathom anyone caring or getting upset by this comment, but uh, Wack did.

"I can make stupid little inspirational motivational videos like the f-ckity LA n-ggas like to make, and boy do you LA n-ggas like to make these f-cking trash a-s inspirational videos. So, if yall are doing it, it must be something to it, so I'm going to try it," said Joe Budden.

Wack responded by saying,

"Yell It's time for a Demo....This n-ga crazy. How a f-ck boy call a real city f-ckity? @JoeBudden we hear you. Should of spoke on who you was speaking on N-gga. But we hear you...."

Wack also took notice of Lil Yachty wearing the "F-ck Joe Budden" sweatshirt on stage, so he reposted it with a caption that said,

"I can dig it.....@JoeBudden I want that Problem, so make sure I'm down as one of those f-ckity a-s n-ggas."

I doubt this will escalate, but I can picture them talking shhhhh for at least another week. What are your thoughts?



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retarded ass, is hilarious. & saying Fuck Joe burden, is almost as popular. We'll see him with the next fidget spinner.


Wack100 has got to be one of the most irrelevant, useless, attention whores to have trotted through the hip hop field since that rank slut, I happily don't remember the name of, who tatted world star on herself.. At least she sucked some dicks.. This cunt is a serial line stepper. He wans attention. Aside from starting shit with cunts, What does he do? He's old isn't he? 357ish is spot on... Siding with Yachys


Wack is kissing Yachys a$$ to try to stay relevant.