Waka Flocka Doesn't Want The Gays Complimenting Him!

Was Waka Flocka misquoted or did he do something that's just plan ol' old school?

(AllHipHop Rumors) We just left the colorful month History Month, turned Pride Month. I mean, what the hell? No disrespect, but did they have to blot out the Black people's second month like that? Anyway, the Innanets and purveyors of fake outrage are mad at Waka Flocka for a comment he made about folks of the opposite sex. He basically said that it was disrespectful for gay men to be all in his comments and DMs with the excessive compliments. And he said, don't do it.

Here is the whole quote so I am not misrepresenting what he said:

"I don’t know who buddy was in that airport, I understand y’all folk got y’all month and all that but look, I don’t have nothing against no body’s sexual preference… nothing.

But look, I ain’t with that…. so don’t approach me, don’t be having too many compliments and all that extra sh*t cause it’s disrespectful and out of pocket."

Well, what say you?

I am trying to ascertain if a happily married WOMAN said the same thing to aggressive lesbians. I think he is within his rights to ask for people to chill, but I think it rings as homophobic to some. I think this may feel homophobic, because of the nature and tone he offered. I think he was pretty clear that he doesn't have issue with sexual preference, but doesn't want to be dog-called (the male version of cat called). The LGBT set came for Kodak Black when he was pushing up on Young M.A. because it was essentially sexual harassment. I think this is similar, but we are dealing with a big, Black dude that we don't think needs protection. I don't really see why its a thing.


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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

You can look at waka flocka and tell he sucked a dick before.