Wale Has The Perfect Clap Back For A Meek Mill Fan Who Threatened His Life


Even though the entire MMG seems to have moved on past the brief Wale & Meek Mill issue (2015 version), fans can't seem to let it go. Meek Mill took offense to Wale expressing his opinion that he felt Meek brought a pencil to a gunfight with the Meek & Drake beef. Meek claimed to kick Wale out of MMG, and Rick Ross had the last word as he stated that the MMG Empire was good. #TeamMeek can't let go as a fan tweeted,

"I swear on my kids for the right ticket, I'll get Wale up outta here!!!!!"

Wale replied poking a little bit of fun at the fan as he said,

"Oh Meek pls be my friend... I'll be mean to Wale.. I'll risk my entire freedom and make my children fatherless 4 u."

People are so desperate to get approval from others and to get validation that they will give up their own freedom. You have to appreciate Wale's sarcasm to such a stupid comment.

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