Wale & YesJulz Trade Shots On Twitter, Calls Her A Culture Vulture

The very opinionated and expressive rapper Wale is certainly not one to bite his tongue or hide how he feels on social media.

Wale took to Twitter to voice his frustration over the lack of respect and credit he receives.

One of Wale’s tweets was perceived by party host and socialite YesJulz to be a shot fired. Wale said,

“Y’all make ppl famous .. And be mad they famous. F-ck u culture vultures Ol ‘I got 3 black friends’ head ass.”

YesJulz replied by saying,

“& a man that takes shots at a lady Bc he is upset she gets more views than all his music videos combined is pretty corny.”

Wale & YesJulz went on to have a back and forth subliminal exchange on Twitter that didn’t include many direct tags. Julz also put Wale on blast saying that he reached out to her and her team in the past to promote his single “My PYT,” but her team advised her to decline because he allegedly consistently disrespects women.

Wale came ready with shots also as he poked fun at the fact that clips from a sex tape involving Julz also recently surfaced online. Wale tweeted,

“Moaney in the middle. U can come on here and show out all u want .. We know u think black women hate u . We know u think black men want u.”

What are your thoughts? Is Wale right about YesJulz being a culture vulture? Should she worry about her leaked sex tape more than Wale?