Wanna Buy Tekashi 69's Chain? Here Ya Go!

Tekashi 69 is taking L's, but somebody refuses to take a loss.

(AllHipHop Rumors) That dude Tekashi 69 continues to slip in the rumors. And here we are. This time, we are talking about his "69" chain and, if you got money, this is a good one for you to waste it on! Boy is this a waste of money! Apparently, that brother's chain is on the market for all to COP (get it? "cop"?).

Anyway...here is deal.

The 6ine9ine chain is up for sale and guess who is selling it? His jeweler! Tekashi somehow managed to owe money to the jeweler that made this nice piece for him. Look at the one that has "69"...

Now you can see the same dude in the video above is also the same dude that has it on the market, tagging 50 Cent.

Trax NYC is now selling the rapper's beloved jewelry because homie owed so much money and also broke their contractual agreement. Now, this is a shot for fans of the embattled rapper to OWN a piece of HIM. The dude is now widely regarded as a SNITCH RAT SNITCH because he's working with the government! Now, I am not mad at 69 - nobody follows the rules of the streets anymore! Everybody snitches! I think guys realize that there's nobody STAYS IN JAIL WITH FOOTBALL NUMBERS! They just "tell" and get out. On top of it all, when Tekashi gets out, these young bucks ain't trippin' off no snitching. Most of them are cool with it like T "I Would Snitch So Hard" Pain.

Remember when Gillie went crazy on him for saying that?! CLASSIC!

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Lol.. He snitched.. Now everyone switching sides on him.. Oh.. I forgot.. He's on debt..