Was Dr. Dre Caught Clout Chasing Off Nipsey Hussle?

We love Dr. Dre, but you can't get nothing past the InnaNETS!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dr. Dre is one of the most respected rap artist-turned-mogul! There is no question about that AND YET, he has been criticized! I remember when Nipsey Hussle respectfully checked Dre for not doing more to help the younger generations that were emerging as the NEW WEST. This was nothing new and it was not them asking for hand outs. People like Nip and YG.

Nip did with Bootleg Kev in 2013 where he did the now-infamous interview saying Dre wasn't helping the young rappers.

On "Key To The City," he rapped a bit about how Dr. Dre decided not to work with him. “Hussle, hussle, Dre passed, Def Jam, Capital Atlantic too/Thought that I’ll be dead or doing life, ’cause what I rap is true/Just another you know who," Nip said. He even said Atlantic pass! They eventually came back to the table.

I think the fans should leave this one alone. What does it prove? Nothing. This is business. Dr. Dre is the DON! Furthermore, at the time of Nipsey's death, who is going to tell him how he should feel or that he shouldn't be able to feel badly? That's weird and stupid. The internet be on some sh#t sometimes!

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nip looks and actions remind me of young snoop..all laid back all the time


Dre always been a stingy ass nigga