Was Katt Williams Too Mean With Radio Host? He LIT Her Up!

Katt Williams is trending again after he did an interview with ATL's V-103.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Katt Williams is Katt Williams. People try to make him out to be somebody else, but he's not like them. So, when Katt hit V-103 ATL with Frank Ski and Wanda, well you knew it was going to be some sh#t and then toss Redd in there, boom! Now, I don't know where it switched, but Katt and Wanda started to go at each other, then Katt just started ripping her from top to bottom. It was all jokes, but he seemed to have a gripe. On top of that, he went at Rel, Jarrod Carmichael, and Tiffany Haddish especially. His main gripe was that Haddish ain't funny, ain't special and has a penchant for men of the lightest complexion.

It is hard to see where this went sideways, but it went sideways.

Here is a condensed version and the 20 minute "unedited" one is next.

The picture is a bit different in the longer version but clearly the roast happened.

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Run up. Done up. Stop messing with monsters.