Was Kyynng Shot By His Own Brother???

Who shot KYYNNG? This rumor does not give any more info, but the plot thickens.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't know why you all continue to talk on the internet when you are embroiled in legal matters. But, if they didn't I wouldn't be typing this right now. Rapper Kyynng (I am now getting used to typing this demented way of saying King) was shot this week and it seemed like it was a simple robbery-turned-attempted murder. (Simple, right?) Well, guess what? https://media.tenor.com/images/d1e2afb2d4448fa9ca2303529002c662/tenor.gif

First of all, Kyynng is out of the hospital and his brother is accused of doing the shooting. He has decided to respond to the heat. First of all, none of the wounds from the gun threatened his life. Kyynng already has stated that the shooting was an attempted robbery, but the dudes didn't get anything. But were the dudes in question HIS BROTHER? Apparently, it wasn't a robbery. He got into an altercation with his brother ALLEGEDLY and the gunshots blew!

Luckily for him, his gunshot wounds were none life-threatening. He revealed in the video that it was an attempted robbery and that the assailants didn’t of value. There is now a plot twist to the saga. Additional reports have surfaced this week claiming that the rapper was shot by his own brother who he got into an altercation with at his apartment.

Kyyngg’s brother got on the GRAM to talk about it, but I will give him credit, he didn't snitch on himself. He didn't deny it either. He accused people of ratting on him in the comments of social media. He is really not all that articulate so I didn't enjoy watching him talk. Right now, the New Orleans police department continues to investigate the shooting.

Here is Kyynng's currently nameless brother.

I think this is them here. The song ain't bad.

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also got reports it was his brother.. allegedly though.. not sure