Was Leaving Neverland A FLOP For HBO? Michael Jackson Speaks!

His name maybe sullied, but Michael Jackson got some vindication in the ratings for "Leaving Neverland."

(AllHipHop Rumors) I can see it now. Michael Jackson is saying, "Yall tried it. Yall tried it. You made the attempt to destroy and disparage my legacy while I was NOT here to defend myself. You made a documentary, a true mockmentary, that tried to erode my greatness. I'm the king. Not Elvis. Not The Beatles. Not The Eagles. ME, MJ! Now, allow me to moonwalk in my grave!"

First of all, we weren't there. Michael Jackson and a pair of dudes with questionable, varied stories and some really sh!tty parents are all that are in the silly attempt at journalism called "Leaving Neverland." They even had the nerve to make it two parts! I only watched part of the first part. I saw enough. I don't believe them. And if they wanted to tell a complete story, they they should have included people like The Jackson family, Corey Feldman, Webster, I mean Emmanuel Lewis and others like Macaulay Culkin that have vehemently defended MJ. Again, we weren't there and neither were they, but their experiences have value if you don't have an agenda.

ANYWAY....the ratings are in and "Leaving Neverland" was a certified flop, even with Oprah jumping in with the unnecessary assist. I wonder how much money she made off that unseen talkback that had people using the hashtage "MuteOprah"?

Here is the report from Showbiz411:

After all that, “Leaving Neverland” was not a smash hit on Sunday night. Modest hit maybe is the best way of describing it.

The controversial Michael Jackson doc attracted just 1.285 million viewers at 8pm on HBO. It was beaten by “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Beachfront Bargain Hunt,” and the survivalists series “Naked and Afraid,” all on cable.

If it had competed with network shows, “Leaving Neverland” tied with a rerun of “Bob’s Burger’s” on Fox.

The top rated cable show of the evening was “The Walking Dead,” itself dying with just 4.7 million viewers at 9pm on AMC.

“Leaving Neverland” had more publicity than any show in 2019 on any channel. It’s possible that the ratings will rise via repeated viewings over several days including other HBO outlets. But the build up to the 8pm showing on Sunday was the target, and it wasn’t the hot button everyone anticipated.

A million more viewers– 2.3 million– tuned into a Hallmark Hall of Fame cable romcom show called “When Calls the Heart,” just to give you an idea. And that was like watching warm milk cool.

Did the Jackson supporters warn people away from “Leaving Neverland”? Possibly. Or just the shock value? But in the end it may not have been worth it for HBO ratings-wise. On Saturday night, HBO scored a better total number at 8pm with a showing of a bad movie called “Skyscraper.”

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Only idiots would buy into this shitty mockumentary!!!!only effin idiots or those paid by the media. They are so unbelievable that its cti geworthy when someone says i believe them. No evidence or facts.SMH this is the world we live in now.idiots have run amok


Those dudes thought MJ was going to take care of them....go get a job lol.


The two men in the Leaving Documentary OWE the MJ Estate over 100k from their FAILED civil lawsuit! The same lawsuit where Robson was caught lying and had his testimony thrown out by the judge. Do your research.


Finish watching the fucking thing.. I do believe the two victims. No one wants to believe this shit, clearly your one of em illseed... Do you believe R Kelly didn't do shit either? Finish watching the shit before you make your judgement. If you think what they're saying ISN'T believable, you're tripping. Michael Jackson stuck his tongue in little boys assholes & his cock in little boys mouths...Moonwalk around that thought.... Both victims Loved Michael (& I'd say still do regardless of all this), an he took advantage of that shit.. That Wade guy doesn't need cash, this isn't a money grab. He was & possibly still is a highly respected choreographer.