Was Lil' Mama Fair To The "Sausage" Creator?


Photo via Lil' Mama's Instagram

Lil' Mama made a lot of noise with the release of her new "Sausage" video, but some of it wasn't praise. Some have accused Lil' Mama of being a culture vulture for stealing the very popular "Sausage" song created by Matthew Belamy from Miami. Belamy has opened up to tell his side of the story. According to Belamy, Lil' Mama reached out to him acknowledging him as the creator of the song and inviting him to be a part of the video shoot. Lil' Mama allegedly invited him to New York for the shoot. When Belamy said he couldn't afford it, Lil' Mama allegedly told him to look up two Greyhound tickets. Not Greyhound though.

Was Lil' Mama's video/single creative enough for you?