Was Nelly Trying To Kick It To A Little Child?

We know Nelly to be a good dude, but a recent performance has people scratching their heads.

(AllHipHop) What was Nelly thinking? First of all, homie beat the rape charge that he had from the other day, but now he may have a whole ‘nother issue! That boy serenaded a CHILD on stage. Now, before you say I am going overboard. You have to see the video:

Now that you have seen it, you seeT it. I don’t really know what to say. I certainly ain’t going to call him any names. He’s never come off like a graduate of the R. Kelly School of Romance and yet here we are. All I can say right now is that dude is really going to need a really good PR move to get the social media aspect of this under control. He just be an alleged rape scenario. The St. Lunatic does not need a statutory rape in the court of public opinion.

That video alone has over 1.5 million views.



That was creepy especially when he started playing with her hair. Where her parents at? SMH


What da hell is he doing