Was Odell Beckham Jr. Knocked Out Over The Weekend?


A viral video shows somebody with hair like Odell Beckham Jr. getting KO'd.

(AllHipHop Rumors) If you are a star, you have to have security. Odell Beckham Jr. knows this now after he was seemingly knocked out in the club. Now, I say seemingly because his reps have already denied that this is him getting flattened. But look at it and be the judge.


That is a pretty unique head of hair, but I'm going to say a couple of things. 1)Odell wouldn't be in the club all vulnerable like that. 2) There would be too many witnesses to counter a PR's lie. And 3) folks are going to show him a bit more respect than that. That was a super sucker punch. Don't they know why its called a sucker punch? Only suckers do it!

Here is what the PR person said.

“This is 100% not Odell. He was not and is not in Atlanta. He has not even been in the state of Georgia recently. The people who falsely posted and reported information will be hearing from his legal team. We intend to take legal action against anyone who perpetuates these false statements and claims.” -Beckham Jr.’s lawyer told the New York Daily News.

And if you are that dude that did got knocked the F out....keep ya head up and change ya hairdo.

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There was not a brawl in sight.


No such thing as a sucker punch in a brawl. Catch a sideline or guard yo grill