Was Offset Beaten By Lil Baby's Crew?


Lil Baby has responded to allegations that his posse beat down Offset!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The young eats itself. And this seems to be the case right now. The homie Offset was once one of the most feared dudes in the rap game. Remember when he was the "thug" of The Migos? The one that was in jail and whatever? Well, things have changed a lot. 

On Friday, a couple of Quality Control artists got into it with Lil Baby's crew and it seemed like Offset caught a bad one. "The Innanets" said that the Migo was beaten and stripped down to his boxers, but there are no "receipts" of this. Offset has ceased following Lil Baby on IG and that is a big deal for both men. 

Lil Baby has denied involvement in the assault of big homie. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 4.39.28 PM

Nothing formal about that, but I think he had to double down on the rumor denial. 


Meanwhile, Offset it out here living his best life...as an actor!

I am wondering exactly what happened, because it is radio silence on the nature of the assault. If it wasn't Lil Baby and crew, who was it? Why would somebody beat on the homie Offset? Looming questions! 

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If he did get jumped then this is some very sad news. This couldn't have happened to a much nicer young man in the community. lol gtfoh, dudes get smoked or beat every day. His wife is a stripper/rapper and he himself has jumped dudes before. No one feels bad for him.


Why getting jump is some how bad for the person that got jumped?I'm from the era when nigz will give you a fair one..anybody can get jumped by 10 dudes..


why would he unfollow him then?