Was Pop Smoke Set Up?


It looks like Pop Smoke was set up and he and his friends may have made it easy for the murderers.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Was Pop Smoke set up? 

The short answer is "yes!" Sadly, the young rapper was out West when he was tragically murdered this morning.  By now we know a bit more about the situation and it is clear that the rapper was set up. He seemingly made some mistakes to help those that wanted to kill him. 

Here are some things that come from the public record. 

1) There were four masked men involved in the murder and they came in 10 min after the house was deadbolted. 

2) The people inside the house were having a house party in the Hollywood Hills. 

3) The alarm was not turned on.

4) The cops are saying this was gang-related. This could also be money-related.  The rapper and his cohorts posted a number of images that have them holding a lot of money. 

5) Several other images showed their actual ADDRESS on social media so hours later, around 5am, when they crept in the house, it was easy to find them and get in. 

Now was he set up? It is hard to say, but they are not saying that he was robbed and they are saying that they have interviewed witnesses. Pop Smoke was the only one killed in the whole mess so it sounds like they were on a mission. If one of the occupants was in on it, I think the cops are going to find out about it. Why wasn't the alarm on?

A more plausible concept is people saw money, a brash NY kid and decided to silence him. 

pop smoke
pop smoke

But the setup rumors persist. 

Now, one person that is denying having any involvement in this tragic matter is Mike Dee, Pop Smoke's friend of many years. 

At the end of the day, lets move smarter in 2020. People are haters and they really do kill in a moment of jealousy. I have not even seen any reports that say the killers took any money. 

May Pop Smoke Rest In Peace.

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a lot of these young dudes with money dont know how to move and eventually pay the ultimate price.


Absolutely. You don't steal wraiths from people in the studio. Probably sent it back damaged and then you gone come back to la all sweet. Respect to the dead. But these young cats disrespectful.

No joke
No joke

It forsure is a set up. Somebody inside that home knew how to enter the home and who to pop. I bet it was a female working for the LA homies and wanted to tax the NY rapper and he wasn't going to pay the tax to be out here in LA and 123 your done. A lot of these NY rappers don't get it that that east west shit still alive. Like rappers like fat joe and snoop dogg Jay z and etc are commercial rappers. No ties to the streets. Prayers for his family but seriously these LA streets are toxic.


didn't he just have beef with a photographer about pics.....hmmm