Was The Canelo And GGG Fight Fixed?

The fight was great! But there was a really controversial decision in Canelo Alverez and GGG!

(AllHipHop Rumors ) If you were watching, that Canelo Alverez and Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin fight, you were entertained greatly. It was a really good fight and, to me, it seemed like GGG won the fight. Now, some are saying that the judges’ decision was rooted in absolute corruption of the sport. Many of drilled down on the judge Adalaide Byrd, but Teddy Atlas took it to the next level. Teddy Atlas went IN and said its all corrupt! Stephen A. Smith did a tap dance and said it was simply a single judge that was screwing up. I am not the biggest fight fan, but I know the name Adalaide Byrd because she has consistently been weird in her decisions. So, it looks like she is on something or getting paid on the low. I’m with Teddy.

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Her scorecard didn't sway the fight result.... If she put 115-114 Canelo, the fight is STILL a draw; NOBODY would be complaining. The problem is by her having such a wide margin makes her card suspect. Because, NEITHER fighter dominated the fight. It was back and forth. GGG threw many more punches, yet missed a helluva lot more as well. Canelo landed a slightly higher connect percentage; and all of the hardest shots were his punches. As Steven A. Smith said, "Most reporters sitting around me in press row, thought the fight was a draw. But, I personally thought GGG won by a point 115-114 or two points 115-113." 95% of people who watched the fight agree it was close. That's why her scorecard is so outrageous; because she had it Canelo 10 rounds to 2 rounds for GGG. That is absurd!!!