Was The Future & Blac Chyna Drama Created To Build Hype Around Future's New Video?


Photo via Blac Chyna

Future and Blac Chyna's "relationship" has taken us on a ride. From Blac Chyna apparently getting a Future tattoo on her hand to Future claiming that he is single. Blac Chyna seemed to try to distract fans from her public embarrassment by starting an Instagram "movement" where she had her "fans" going crazy for the Blac Chyna sharpie challenge where they would write Blac Chyna on their hand and hashtag the photo to "let her know it's real." Rumors have also been swirling that Blac Chyna is okay with Future having other women. The latest rumor is Blac Chyna is claiming that all of the madness surrounding her and Future was a hoax and actually planned strategy to create hype for his "Rich Sex" video. Are you buying it?