Watch Amara La Negra Of Love & Hip-Hop Get Booty Massage

Amara is the newest star from the LAHH franchise, but she's showing more reality than the show!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sorry, but it is definitely a slow day. Nevertheless, you can get a great sense of what Amara La Negra is like from her social media. I don't watch LAHH, but I watch her. And recently she has been posting a slew of images and content around her bubbling personality as well as her beautiful body. She recently posted one of her getting a booty massage. Now, I am not sure if they massaged the rest of her, but they had a huge roller for that gluteus maximus. It is the biggest muscle in the human body so it should get special attention. I admit, I with I was a masseuse. Check it out.

Beautiful sister, but the perfect example of a sister with low racial esteem. This young lady has to have her extra-lightskin mom on every scene with her to prove how much of a latino she is. But like many other Latinos, she'd be mortified to find out how dark her family tree gets as she goes further back.

Bra her dad is blacker than the ACE of Spade and she has him around all the time.

Bruh you talking out your ass, her whole gimmick is her being " Afro Latina" a spanish speaking person of African descent. She says it enough to the point where it is borderline annoying. So I'm not sure what you are watching or if you are watching it in another dimension but even way before she was on the TV Show, She was on IG boasting that she was "AFRO-Latina"

@BIGDAYONE, she doesn't have to say the "AFRO-Latina" shiit for people to know she has the "AFRO" part in her. As far as you not being sure what i'm watching, neither am I. For the record, I've only watched the show a couple times, but every time that I have watched its never failed, she's had her mom with her. In the studio, the strip club. She makes that reaggaeton music so I know she has to try to appeal to her foreign audiences, but she goes overboard with the "see my mom is verrrrrrry Latino" thing.

Damn Girl