Watch Amara La Negra Of Love & Hip-Hop Get Booty Massage

Amara is the newest star from the LAHH franchise, but she's showing more reality than the show!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sorry, but it is definitely a slow day. Nevertheless, you can get a great sense of what Amara La Negra is like from her social media. I don't watch LAHH, but I watch her. And recently she has been posting a slew of images and content around her bubbling personality as well as her beautiful body. She recently posted one of her getting a booty massage. Now, I am not sure if they massaged the rest of her, but they had a huge roller for that gluteus maximus. It is the biggest muscle in the human body so it should get special attention. I admit, I with I was a masseuse. Check it out.

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mmm, mmm I'd give her a booty massage every day of the week