Watch R. Kelly Turn Himself Into Police

Is This The Beginning Of The End Or The Beginning Of A New Beginning For R. Kelly?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember the first time R. Kelly was arrested and he went to trial for his transgressions against young girls and women? It was almost like a slam dunk! They had a tape of him and it was clear. But, some stuff went wrong back then. For one, R. Kelly had some long dollars and could pay off people pretty easily. He was paying off everybody from his teachers to the witnesses in the case with him peeing on the chick. On top of that, some people were unable to continue going after R. Kelly like one of the lead journalists, because he had unwittingly looked at "child porn," which is not legal.

I am not sure, but I don't see how they can botch this case as there are now other tapes of the rapper allegedly having sex with an underage girl. The girl is supposedly 14. I am not sure what verification the authorities have on him right now, but it certainly seems to be more on point than the first time. Also, Jacqueline McIntosh - a lawyer in New York - says that R. Kelly can be charged for sex crimes against girls in the 90's because there are no longer statue of limitations on them. They were removed.

This is not a good thing, no matter how you slice it. Lives have been ruined many times over. Lets just home that justice and closure can come out of this.

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Pervis Preston
Pervis Preston

Lock that sicko up and throw away the key!