We Found The Man Dancing Behind Teddy Riley Gleefully!


The mystery man has been found...the one at the center of the debacle Teddy Riley vs Babyface.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We were universally PISSED off at Teddy Riley and although, he tried to include Babyface...it was him. Now, we ain't hating on him, but we cannot diss Babyface like, because he was cool, calm, collected and prepared! Teddy was overly prepared. He was so overly prepared, he had a hypeman and dancer rolled into one.

That man was one of the bright spots, along with the subsequent memes. 

I have found the man that danced his ass off for our joy!

His name is Breyon Prescott! Now, many people made the mistake of thinking he was a nobody or something, but he is an A&R, apparently at Epic Records. This man is a heavyweight in the game! Peep a couple of flicks. 

So, homie just down with TR! I ain't mad!

By the way, they have rescheduled a new battle and they are calling it a rematch, which means Babyface won the first "bout."

Breyon Prescott has not attempted to cash in on his newfound fam, yet.

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Breyon Prescott is a former Exec at Epic. He was fired years ago by LA Reid. He's no longer relevant in the Music Industry. He's currently a backup dancer for Teddy Riley.
Get the facts straight bruh.