Well Known Groupie Puts Famous Dex On Blast!



(AllHipHop Rumors) For the life of me I don't understand what rappers' fascination with messing with the "exposing" groupies is about or why they mess with the ones everyone else has had.


I mean Super Head, Kat Stacks, and new age Celina (@xocelina187). Check it, Celina has been linked to drama with Chief Keef, Waka Flocka, O'Shea Jackson Jr., YG, and a few others. She's even known to lie and fabricate details on these rappers too.

It looks like Famous Dex didn't get his warning, or he didn't care because now Celina is blasting him.

Apparently Dex invited her over and she got mad because another woman was over there when she arrived.

Celina posted a screen shot of a text message conversation supposedly between her and Dex. Dex blasts her saying,

"I love blocking hoes like you. F-cking hoe. U mad cause u can't come suck my dick. Look like u do coke."

She had a little bit of time to clap back at him in the caption.

"@famousdex baby you need all the help you can get. I found out he told some other b-tch go chill w him so I decided not too go, than he went crazy on me and than normal & so after we talked I went. Right after he showed me his [penis] I saw bumbs all over it so I was like oh nahhh I can't sorry & he was like do you know who I am?1 lmao and went crazy again so I left and than his b-tch went crazy on me too (pt2) like geez b-tch trust me you can keep the addicted to Xanz, std, walking zombie," posted Celina

I swear anything goes these days. Lol! These rappers won't learn until they catch a case or contract something they can't shake off!

Celina better hope he doesn't beat her like he did his girlfriend.....She needs help also!