Well, We Finally Know What Will Happen To That J. Cole/ Kendrick Lamar Album

President of TDE, Punch, has offered his insight on what will come of the prospective collab with Cole World and K-Dot.

(AllHipHop Rumors) A couple of years ago, there was a super dope rumor that really was not. They started the rumor but it looks like Punch has destroyed it. It would seem that the K-Dot / Cole world collaboration won’t be coming to a speaker near us at all. That really sucks. This is up there with the original Murder Inc (Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule). Maybe it will still come to fruition.

Via: OnThisDateInHipHop:

😫 #OnThisDateInHipHop, while interacting with #TDE fans on Twitter, President Punch pretty much put a toe tag on the #KendrickLamar and #JColecollaboration project. In response to being asked of the album's whereabouts, Punch replied that the album will "probably never" drop. From what I see, the tweet exchange has since been deleted so maybe #TheArtOfPeerPressure from fans will bring the project back to life. @KiddPancho with the MegaDime 🙏🏾

They not gonna let Kendrick get exposed like that. Cole would eat that boy food

I hope y'all see what Punch just did. On the joint songs Cole and Kendrick put out a few years back when they rapped over each other songs, that is exactly the line Cole said. "when you and K.Dot album gonna drop? Probably never/ they can't handle the two Black Brothers this clever"