Wendy Williams Helps A Journalist Dee Barnes Get All The Way Back On Track!


Wendy Williams is changing the narrative around her gossipy past

(AllHipHop Rumors) Where do you start? Well, lets start with Wendy Williams. OK, so my sources say that WW is in full re-brand mode with the tremendous drama that she has amassed over the last few months. She fainted. She was back on drugs. The long layoff, where is looked like Nick Cannon was going to take her whole show! More drugs! Then her spouse have a baby from another woman! And then the divorce papers! Finally, yesterday Wendy decided she is going to do more good will.

Dee Barnes has had a crazy year. I am pretty sure she is not homeless, even though she was facing certain eviction. But, if you didn't know, Dee Barnes in a rap artist and journalist that is - SADLY - best known for being beat up by Dr. Dre. Now for rap fanatics like me, you know she is more than that. She was a part of the conscious rap community and continues to be that to this day. Well, Dee may have a major change of luck thanks to WW. She first of all gave her $15,000 (I think via HotelPlanner.com) to get her housing situation together. But, on top of that Wendy is going to tell the Dee Barnes STORY in both book and movie form.This is dope, because most times, the narrative is from Dr. Dre or somebody else's lens.

NOW...there was one moment that was very interesting. Wendy asked Dee Barnes if she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Dre. It was at that point that Dee said she was uncomfortable proceeding and they stopped. But she didn't say NO and now people are talking about it as if her silence meant "Yes, he did."

Well, I am not the biggest Wendy fan, but I am willing to say that she's doing good as opposed to the opposite.

Now, the question is....will 50 Cent let it go too?


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Seriously Illseed you are from the same generation as I am, unless you are pretending to be him. I expected better from you. That Dee Barnes situation is over 2 decade's old. I remember that "Pump it up" episode like it was yesterday, Dre got sued for $22.7 Million. What he did was beyond fucked up but once again for me that was 2 grown sons & 1 teenage daughter ago. It seems like now day's all people can get off on is finding old dirt on people who are $ucce$$ful & try to bring them down. Some of them needed it but some have grown up, matured & moved on! What has always fascinated me was how the comedian Ricky Harris could be in Death Row video's directed by Dr. Dre while he was married to Dee Barnes!


Seriously??? I am not hating. But no one knows who Dee Barnes is. So who would care to by a book or pay to see a biopic in a movie??? And to bring up Dr.. Dre that story line is played the fuck out. She seems to love slandering and throwing dirt on others. How would she feel if 50 cent wrote a book about her? It might destroy her career and send her back to rehab. 50 Laws of Power-