Wendy Williams’ Husband’s Mistress Gives Birth And He Was There For Support!

Recently news was revealed that talk show host Wendy Williams’ husband had a child with another woman.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wendy Williams is one of television’s talk show Queens.

Her program, “The Wendy Williams Show,” is syndicated with television networks nationally throughout the United States of America.

Williams is known for her brass sense of humor. Her harsh criticism of others has helped propel her to superstardom, but also rubbed many people wrong.

Wendy is a gossip queen and has been one to speak on the lives of celebrities for over two decades. Now she finds herself at the center of her own celebrity scandal.

The talk show recently had a public meltdown and took a leave of absence from her highly successful show. Upon returning, Williams would speak to her audience about her battle with addiction and relapsing.

Many were wondering what could spark such a meltdown for a strong woman like Wendy. However, more details would later become public knowledge.

Past rumors suggested that Wendy’s husband Kevin was cheating on his with, but were never confirmed. Well now rumors are surfacing again that Kevin is the father of a child with a woman by the name of Sharina Hudson.

Hudson recently gave birth to the child in Philly and Kevin was said to be by her side as Wendy continues to rehabilitate in Queens halfway house.

Only time will tell how these new developments affect Wendy and Kevin’s marriage.

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The Real Kpeezy
The Real Kpeezy

HUSBANDS mistress about to have HIS baby 😂🤣😁Rasheeda and Kirk