Wendy Williams Takes A Swing At The #MeToo Movement


Wendy Williams goes against the #MeToo grain in recent statement.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wendy Williams may have messed up.

The talk show host surprised her audience when she stated that it was unfair to persecute men that have allegedly been inappropriate with women so far after the act happened.

Believe me. This may cause major issues with her Fanbase since the people that seem to love her for almost all women. She specifically drill down on teenage girls that have been engaged in sexual relations with these men. It seems there is a fondness for our Kelly because he is lame check in the video which starts around the 15 minute mark. Blogs and women centric sites are already going in on Wednesday for what she is saying. I doubt that she suffers any long term ill affects because peoples Attention spans are extremely short.

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I never thought I would agree with Wendy on anything lol...I don't understand why SOME of these women waited so long that are victims? It makes you think they were willing to be quiet until they were rich, so what does that say about them? Now all of the sudden they are speaking at the same time. It is hard to have sympathy for the victims from many years ago tgat had a hcnace to speak and did not. This women's movement is like a hip thing to jump on. All it takes is an accusation and the man accused is finished. The public cannot separate who is guilty and who is not. Just hashtag tag shit after the accusation and it's on. Smh....It takes courage to speak BUT ladies shpuld not wait years later get that fool convicted. Waiting is not a good

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Breaking bad 42.42

Them women all liers Wendy see through the b.s she being real men lie women lie numbers dont...