WestsideGunn & Griselda Reveal Next Big Moves!

WestsideGunn and the crew are heating it up for the year 2019!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I was beginning to worry about the year 2019. Last year was such a good year like most years that end with the number "8," but the subsequent year has been tough. There have been some bright moments like 2 Chainz album, but even that hasn't had the legs I would expect it to have. So we are in a lull unless you like wack stuff. And, there are plenty of people that are out here listening to trash. But, there's some good stuff too and that's where WestsideGunn comes in.

WestsideGunn just revealed that he's working on FlyGod 2! On top of that, I am hearing that both Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine are working on new "tapes" that will drop soon. These dudes are working! I hope we can get them on AllHipHop soon.Here is the announcement Gunner made on IG.

Here is the original FlyGod!