WHAT?: 50 Cent Disappears From Instagram, BUT WHY?


There is a mystery! 50 Cent has suddenly left us on Instagram!

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent is MIA from everybody's favorite social media site Instagram! What in the world has happened to everybody's favorite mogul prankster? Early reports have stated that he may have violated their terms. Some have suggested a bit more quietly that he did this just so we'd talk about him. Remember, 50 Cent has like 25 million people on his IG...so he's coming back. But...

Still, it does not look like he did it himself, because after the account was deaded on IG, he took to Twitter to start trolling. He didn't skip a beat. But, what did it? Most recently he made fun of the lovely chocolate Tasha aka Naturi Naughton, a cast member of "Power."...his show! That did not go over well if yoiu look at Twitter.  

Now, you would think that he would say something, essentially explaining to us, but he may not want to make it worse. So for now, we can only guess! Think Wendy Williams had something to do with this? Is this the same as him getting "shot" like Ghost? There are so many damn questions!