What Are Nas And Lupe Fiasco Up To?

Are Nas and Lupe about to set the world on FIYAHHHHHHH? It sure seems so!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Last year, Lupe Fiasco dropped Drogas Wave. The album was classic and certainly was in the lineage of a greatness set in the year 1988. 1998. And now 2018. Well, what can get better than that. Getting in the studio with Nas, that's what!

So, these dudes are in the studio. What could they be working on? Music! I would love to hear them on a track - preferably on a Nas album, because Nas hasn't blessed us with classic material in a MINUTE.

Matter of fact, I think Nas and Lupe have been hanging out like best buddies.

The teacher and the student. Now, this is the way it should be.

Now, some have been skeptic, because we have seen similar imagery, but never got the song. This could be true, but it also could be false. We don't know yet. I am just going to remain hopeful. On another note, we can look forward to the release of Lil Fame and Sean Price's album - The Price of Fame. I realize this has no relation to Nas and Lupe whatsoever, but I felt that if you read this post, that would be of interest too.

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Sean Price and Fame made my day. Go Brownsville!