What Are Your Thoughts On Kanye's New Song "Water"?

Illseed is randomly wondering what Mick Jenkins' thinks of the new agua-centered song by Kanye West.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, I hope Kanye doesn't do this. I still remember a lot of the BS like the MAGA hat and the "slavery was a choice" stuff. But, for most, it seems like Kanye West is making his way back. You know, people basically go with the flow with their artists. Anyway, I have something more to say, but first lets talk about this new song Kanye seems to have, called "Water" by the internets. This was debuted at Coachella over the weekend. Check it out.

Now, I cannot say I have any sort of real opinion on this song, because I won't like it no matter what. So, I am leaving it up to YOU! Tell me if this song is dope or lit or whatever you call good.

On a side note, I couldn't help but think of another artist in Chicago named Mick Jenkins, who really hung his lyrical hat on the concept of "water." Don't believe me? Check out this album!

Homie is dope. Clearly, he has not gotten the attention Kanye West has, but he is very dope as hell. I am actually happy Kanye did this, because it reminds me of Mick's talent, He dropped a project last year. I refused to believe Kanye never heard of Mick Jenkins.

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TRASH. right on par with what hes been putting out the last 4-5 years


Kanye does know how to come back with controversial songs.. Permit me to say that's what he's best at..

Just few minutes after dropping the track.. It's already a thing of debate..