What Cheating Rumors? Cardi B And Offset Appear To Have Live Sex

Offset and Cardi are still going strong after cheating rumors...so strong they have a sex tape.

(AllHipHop Rumors) UPDATE: It was all a well-planned....fun outing.

Old Stuff: In “They Should Have Never Gave Y’all Social Media” News, Cardi B have seemingly engaged in a “sex tape” live on social media.

This video shows Cardi and Offset having sex doggie style on IG live. Now, technically speaking we don’t know when this clip was taken, but it comes in the midst of “cheating” allegations from Offset’s side. Cardi says in the clip, "I don't got no more in me left. You gotta give a whole hour.”

It looks very real, but there is no nudity so its anybody’s guess.

Give it a gander….but remember…you cannot…unsee it.

And the final word is:

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Oh mah heid the naked scene. #smokefit.us


Cardi B s ex tape leaked on
celebdarknet dot com