What Did Did Future Do For Ciara To Rename Her Son Russell Wilson, Jr?

This is going far like a marathon!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Future is known to be a bad, bad man. But, I am not sure what happened between him and Ciara! He must have really taken a dump in her brownies! There is a rumor that suggests that she is about to change her son's name to Russell Wilson, Jr. Right now, the boy is named Future Zahir Wilburn, after the biological father. Now, I think that's weird, but that's the boy's name. He's 4 years old! I don't know, but it sure seems like there is time to change the name! But I don't know.

Ciara: Lil Future, your new name is "Russell."

Future Zahir Wilburn: What doth thou mean, dear mother? My name is Future.

Ciara: No, it is now Russell.

Future Zahir Wilburn: Russell? WTF is that? That ain't lit! Mother, I understand you hate my dad, but damn, give me a dope name.

Ciara: Russell Wilson might not have the coolest name, but, gotdamnit, he's the best man to us! If anybody is your Daddy. it is HE.

Future Zahir Wilburn:

Anyway, this is the word.

According to closes sources to Ciara, she has filed a petition with Georgia courts to change her son’s name from Future Wilburn to Russell Carrington Wilson Jr, After her husband, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. We are told that Ciara regrets naming her son Future and wants to give her son a more meaningful, distinguished name. Future was born to Ciara and rapper Future back in 2013 and since then the two have many public battles in regards to their son.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ciara often feels that Future has too many kids and says that Future Jr is often forgotten about. Ever since Ciara married Russell Wilson, he has been a great father figure and according to our sources, he’s ecstatic that Ciara wants the name her son after him. Although petition has been submitted for a name change, Ciara intends to continue to share custody with Future. Chances are the petition will be denied because its highly likely that Future will also have to approve of the name change.


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Black people believe ANY THING they read. If a gossip blog told u to give them your income tax returns to get FREE water there would be a long line of people to hand over their money for FREE WATER.


Oh.. She must be hurt so badly that she doesn't want anything to do with future anymore.. Even the name might bring her sorrows.. Just saying