What Does Erykah Badu Have In Store For Future!?

The love of love is the love we strive for! What's going on here?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Erykah Badu is one of the most beloved Hip-Hop singers in the history of music. Well, I am a lover of Badass Badu! The other thing they say about her is that she is a man eater! All her men are rappers! OK, not all, but most. All of her child's fathers are rappers - The D.O.C., Jay Electronica, and Andre 3000! Now that's a cipher, god! Common is the only dude that we know didn't have a seed with the Queen. At one point, it looked like Badu might get her Bruja self on Kendrick Lamar. Remember?

Ohhh...I was hating. I would just want about 15 minutes! But let me get back on track. A recent instagram post has people asking what Badu may have in store for Future!

Now, I have never seen Badu talk like that about somebody. Like, who would ask who Future's pastor is? He's a druggie! Let me stop! I am being judgmental, because I know people that do mushrooms and other Earthy stimulants! Anyway, I would love to see Future and the Ancient One link up. This would be the best think that could happen to the rumor section!

Before you discount this rumor...look at the end of this video! She knew Future was in her future!