What IS Going On: Diddy And Future...Hang Out?


What in the Lori Harvey is going on with Diddy and Future?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You all know that Hollywood is really Hollyweird in all reality! Well, I am here to tell you, it is weirder than we common folks can ever imagine. You want the latest? Diddy and Future were apparently seen partying together in Miami. Jet skiing. What do you think the small talk was like? Well, me as a nerd that can tap into the mind of s perv...feels that Lori Harvey had to come up.

Now, I know you all have been following what is going on, but lets recap. Lori Harvey is the step-daughter of legendary comedian Steve Harvey. She is a fashionista and socialite in her own right as well. She is very beautiful. She is also 23 years old. This young tenderoni straight up dated Diddy, a man that was 49 years old at the time. Diddy is now 50. Well, that didn't work out apparently, even though Diddy got the blessing of Papa Harvey. 

Now, Lori is dating Future, according to a number of reports and gossip rags. It was off and then it was on. I think it has stayed "on" most recently. I ain't gonna recap every trip that they have been on because I will catch feelings over it. 

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am I the only one that thinks this pic looks like diddys wax figure? lol