What Is Going On With Cam'ron and Juju?

Cam is not to be played with, but he dissed his former love in the slickest way...

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't know why JuJu did it! She made a slick comment under one of the Cam'ron pics that was actually posted on The Shade Room IG. All she said was "Whew Chile." After that, all the snitches ran to Cam and that was it! He slandered his former love for nearly two minutes. Now, he did it in a way that would make you think he wasn't truly dissing. But she gave him an inch and Cam is the type to take a yard or more. That is exactly what happened when he responded to those two words. Check it out.

This is all she did!

But now, Cam is saying that she threatened to beat up a white Jewish woman that he made a lot of money with. For unfollowing? That seems odd,